Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What is the What

I think that What is the What, is a very emotional book but we all say "it must be so hard to go through that". But we are just saying those words we don't know what it is like to be them. We can watch interviews, read books but we will never fully understand the emotion, pain and heartache Valentino went through.
I know that a lot of the images and scenes in this book are true but some part of me, thinks that it is exaggerated because I wasn't there, how can I possibly know the whole truth.
We are using this book to find some sort of truth but the truth is, EVERYBODY LIES.
Sometimes it is for a good cause, some times not but everybody lies. It is what keeps some people alive some might loose everything but it is the risk that everybody takes. There can be part truths in the lie but finding the humanity and courage to say that you have never lied and will not lie is almost impossible and I am waiting for the day when someone comes into my life who doesn't lie for any cause.
I think the writing in this book is outstanding and it makes you think. How Dave Eggers came up with the idea to make Michael relate to the Western World.

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