Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pop Quiz

Blogging is a useful part of the english classroom.
I disagree with this statement because if you spend a lot of time on one piece, not many people will read it and therefore you will feel as if no one cares about your piece. You might know that this is not true but when you have no comments or any one coming up to you saying “I read your blog post” you can feel as if no one wants to know your view or story and that can be quite demoralising. Also the problem with blogging is that it can be an escape rope for some people because they might not necessarily like sharing their stories or views through their own voice so they sit behind a screen sharing this but you can’t rely on your computer for you whole life, you are going to have to learn how to express yourself talking face to face with someone. Some people don't like having their personal thoughts online because it is a public space and we might not like showing people we don't know our views on certain topics.

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