Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Single Story


This was a clip of Chimamanda Adichie who tells stories about why a single story is so relevant in our lives. How we immediately make judgments on people just by the books we read and what we hear from the people around us.  Chimamanda started to read at the age of 4 but the only books that she read were American and they were all about the weather and white people with blue eyes and they would drink ginger beer. That's all she knew. At the age of 7 she began to write and every story was like the books she had read, how they would talk about how nice it was that the sun had appeared not knowing the fact that in Nigeria the sun was always out.
 But then she discovered that people like her could appear in literature and they do exist in the world by reading African Books. This saved her because she was starting to learn about her culture and the way that was brought up. She started to learn about herself and the society around her. "I started to write about things I recognized".
Then she goes on to talk about when she went to university her room mate had automatically made a single story of her. She thought that she wouldn't know how to use the cooker. This was because all the books in America that were published about Africa all had something to do with the fact that they needed help and hope because people were very poor. This may be true to some people in Africa but in America there are homeless people and people struggling it is just that society liked to look beyond that to the happy fortunate people because it looked better to the rest of the world.
I think that Chimamanda is completely right because in her speech even though she talked about others she also criticized herself and how she had a single story on Mexico when she went there. But it is amazing to think that books have such an influence on single storys when now-a-days you only hear of the internet making things up and exaggerating real life. I have never thought of books in that way before but I think that it is absolutely true no matter if it was books, a computer or the radio. Judgements are always being seen and being written and we can't stop anyone to their own opinion but the way that Chimamanda presented herself and the speech that the wrote was in such a calm but powerful manner that it made a real impact even though you might think differently, her view should be heard and considered.

-Single Story
-Stereotypes- The thought that single stories are not, not true but they are incomplete.
-"TO BE GREATER THAN"- Power, Come to conclusions
-Western Story- Negative towards Africans, Think that the Africans are different, Meant to believe they need help.

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