Monday, 10 September 2012

The Story of English Class.....

Over the past few weeks, I have really found out about the power of blogging and what blogging really is. A blog is where you can put your emotions onto a page and the rest of the world can read it. It isn't like Facebook in the way that you can meet people and people can follow your posts and give you helpful and constructive advice but it isn't a chat system. Some people use it as an online diary but it doesn't have to be at all. You can meet people through your writing, because you might write about your interests or your holidays and that immediately opens up a community of people who you might not even know but you share something in common. So this idea of a blog is very open and people have different opinions on the idea of a World Wide blog, but that is up to you to decide because it doesn't have to be a persona; space.
I enjoy the discussions that we have in class and the round table idea that we can all see each other and when we talk we don't just look at the teacher we look at everyone so everyone feels part of the discussion and is free to their own opinion.
Right now as I am new I don't feel the need to change anything because i am still getting used to the way things get run in class.

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