Tuesday, 18 September 2012

London 2012

The Olympics, London 2012 was the big discussion in class toady. It was fascinating to hear everyone's opinion on the patriotism, competition and sports of the Olympics.
I think that the Olympics is where countries unite and for that three hour of the Olympic ceremony the World seems like a better place. But as some of my class mates were saying is that sometimes the Olympics becomes more about the politics involved instead of about the sport. But like anything there is always drama, nothing ever runs smoothly.
Some people were talking about the patriotism of the Olympics. But I don't think patriotism goes on so much in the Olympics because the judges and the referees are there to support the help the game run smoothly instead of putting there country and opinion infront. Yes patriotism has happened in the past but there are enough professional judges and referees to see that and take control of the situation. These judges and referees are professional and if they think there is discrimination or any type of bias going on they will put a stop to it.
As a person that plays a lot of sport I love the competition of the Olympics. At the end of the day there is going to be that one person who stands on top of that podium and is crowned champion. This is why I think these athletes go through all the early wake up calls and pushing themselves to their limit to become the best and the decisions that they make leading up to the Olympics define how well they do, because no one knows you more than yourself. The athletes get to know one another and they properly have a lot of respect for each other but maybe deep down they know that at the end it will come down to who is the ultimate best and that's what they have to prepare for not only mentally but physically.
The amount of sports that are involved in the Olympics is a very vast number but my personal opinion is that sports which already have a lot of television time and the people that play those sports get paid vast amounts I don't think they should be on the Olympics because other sports that might not be so recognized still might not get recognized because the people who are watching it through a tv can only see what is media is playing. The Olympics is all about equality and uniting with others but in a way how is Olympics equal and fair if one sports dominates the whole media's attention. The media is a very big part of the Olympics and I think that if there is one thing being biased it is the media, they choose what they televise and so not televising one sport could mean that, that person who won gold isn't as important as the person who won gold in another sport. All these athletes do what they do for a reason because they have the passion and if they aren't getting that acknowledgment then that passion might begin to fade and it could become discrimination, I don't know.
But all in all I think the Olympics is a great topic to talk about because even though the Olympics is the biggest Sporting event there are lots of areas to it that we don't recognized until we really look for it.


  1. Having never been an athlete, I really enjoyed and understood your point about the need you all have of pushing yourselves.

    I can understand pushing creativity, but never in a phsycial sense. Thanks for making that clear for me.

  2. Dear Anna,
    Your amazing and the Olympics is the thing for you. With you inspiring writing, I could picture you, in the pool, at the Olympics with gold medals around your neck. I know you will definitely get there... Someday soon... :)
    Love Celia